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Wacky Office Tools: Kitt-In Box

May 31, 2011

On a recent post, I mentioned how difficult it is to keep kitty litter off the keyboard A cat-savvy reader suggested this desk attachment called the Kitt-In Box.


Adorable, isn’t it? I’d be willing to bet that if I added a warming bed, it would be kitty bliss!

Hat tip to Nita for the resource!

Wacky Office Tools: SquareUp

May 17, 2011

Back when I ran a staging business, I drove all over creation and hardly spent an hour at home. I’d have to remember to invoice them to get paid. I also only accepted checks from my clients. It was awkward and inefficient.

If I had this neat thingamajig back then? Wow.

It’s called SquareUp – a teeny credit card card reader that fits in your smart phone!

I don’t use this my self (no smart phone), but I’ve talked to a couple of people lately who do — and who can’t say enough good things about it. It’s great for business owners on the go.

The Square itself is free and the pricing to use it is about the same as PayPal. When you swipe cards with Square there is just one fee: 2.75% and when you enter the number manually, it’s 3.5% + 15ยข per manual entry transaction — and the money goes right to your bank account. No other fees or contracts.

Currently, the Square works on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. You just download the app and go! Pretty cool!

Wacky Office Tools: Typewriter connected to an iPad

January 19, 2011

If you’re the type who laments the loss of the typewriter and you love cutting-edge tech tools, weep no more.

Seriously. It actually works. It makes me wonder if typewriter ergonomics are superior to the flat keyboards most of us use today.

Although I haven’t bitten the iPad bullet — yet (I’ve been recently tempted), this application is very novel and heartwarming. Imagine the possibilities!

For the full scoop, visit: http://www.coolmomtech.com/2011/01/usb_typewriter_turned_computer.php (hat tip to @curvyyogini)

Thoughts? Me-toos? What do you think?

Wacky Office Tools: Luminous folder icons

June 10, 2010

(c) Marmalade Moon, used with permission

When two different clients twice mentioned Kate England’s work over at Marmalade Moon, I had to check it out. I mean, just the name sounded delicious!

Kate is a visual artist and designer who (among other things) creates icons that make desktop organizing easier. They’re appealing to the eye. I confess I haven’t tried these yet, but the idea of color-coded folders on my computer desktop sounds amazing. Lots of creative people think in color, not words — so it’s worth taking a look.

Kate even offers a whole line of free folder icons, which if you’re tempted by the idea they would allow you to play with this concept (and try it out) without spending a dime. I’m going to give them a whirl the next time I organize my desktop.

Best of all? Kate provides instructions how to set up and use these icons on your own desktop, step-by-step. They work for PC and Mac.

Thoughts? Me-toos? If you have used these, what do you think?

Wacky office tools: 3-way USB thingamajig

April 16, 2010

The geeks of the world tell us that we’re not supposed to put our computers on the floor. Say what you will about dust and whatnot, but I refuse to put my honking behemoth of a computer on my desk in my line of sight and to take up vital real estate. So it’s under my desk. Which works.


On the random occasion I need to plug something into the USB ports, I end up on my hands and knees trying to find the plug in. It’s hard to see under there, even though they face forward. I couldn’t tell if the plug was facing the right direction and there was usually cursing involved, I’m sorry to say.

Until I got this cool thingamijig!

It looks like a 4-armed octopus. A quadipus. One end plugs into a USB port and stays there. Then you can choose any flexible arm to plug something into. You can lift it, turn it, bring it into the light. Other USB “splitters” are square and boxy. I like this one because it’s not only saved me a bunch of hassle, but it’s also kind of silly and fun.

The one featured is from Amazon, but I got mine at Staples.

Wacky office tools: 3M Poster Strips

April 2, 2010

My inspiration collage is pasted with dozens of magazine photos and measures over 3 feet in diameter. To hang it on the wall, I put on a bunch of “blue tape” loops on the back, only to find it on the floor the next day, with the cats walking all over it. Grr.

I wanted something that didn’t stick permanently, but held fast. So, I broke down and did some research online to find a sturdy sticky thing.

And I found it!

3M makes “Command Poster Strips” — and they’re genius! Each strip has two sticky sides that you reveal by peeling off a peel-y paper thing. You position them tab-side down when you hang your poster.

Then, when you want to remove the object from the wall, you slowly pull on the tab and it stretches and unsticks without damaging the wall or the paper.

Before, I probably had 2 feet of blue tape working ineffectively. My collage now has 3 of these strips and hasn’t budged all week. Yay!

Check them out!