Sacred Spaces: My “I’m going to Spain” altar

April 25, 2012

My “I’m going to Spain” altar

This might look a mess, but all I see is that beautiful scallop shell.

Next year I’m planning to walk 500 miles along an ancient pilgrimage route through France and Spain. Before it was called the Camino de Santiago, this route was sacred to the Celts as a route to the end of the world. The rays of the shell fan out like shafts of light from the setting sun. Today, the story of the scallop shell, the Celts, the Atlantic Ocean, and St. James are all commingled so that every pilgrim carries this shell on their pack, telling the world of their seeking.

One day, I’ll wear this one on my own pack. It was a gift to me from my aunt, Elaine, who walked the Camino in 2008.

It is a dream to go. A stretch. A calling.

Every time I see that shell, I’m reminded: I will go too, like millions have before and walk in their footsteps.

What about you?

Is there something you keep in your space to remind you of where you’re going?


  1. 1489 days ago,
    Rachel Playfair said:

    If you end up near the other ocean (the Mediterranean) during your visit to Spain, give me a shout!

  2. 1488 days ago,
    jennifer said:

    You know I will, Rachel! 🙂

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