Creative spirits and entrepreneurs

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Overwhelm: You have so many ideas you want to pursue, but your calendar is already full.
  • Struggle for balance: Urgent stuff always seem to come along right when you need a break the most.
  • Running out of energy: You get distracted by the next exciting thing before you finish the last. (Which makes a mess.)

You’re not alone

Creative people are often at the mercy of their own creativity.

It’s frustrating. You don’t have enough time complete what you think up. There’s so much you could do, but time does not bend to your will.

You start thinking there must be something wrong with you.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
It’s perfectly possible to be creative and have balance in your life.

What’s missing

Isolation is toxic to your spirit. These are strong words, but think about how you feel when you’re connected and seen for who you are. It’s transformative. When you feel isolated, fears expand. Frustrations grow. Isolation hampers growth.

The antidote is community.

Community breaks down isolation. You are accepted as you are which helps manifest the courage you need to grow.

Community gives you structure. Support. You don’t have to conjure up all the energy yourself.

Community holds a space for your dreams to grow. Progress gets easier. Like flying geese, you draft on each other’s momentum.

You can experience courage, support, and growth.

Instead of struggling alone, come, be seen and grow!

A sanctuary of support for vibrant, creative women


Hope… instead of overwhelm

Support… instead of isolation

Focus… instead of frustration

The Creative Haven encourages you…

  • to reach out for support
  • to spend time with your projects
  • to attend to your space
  • to be patient with your learning
  • to grow
  • to laugh
  • to reflect on where you’re going

The Creative Haven supports you in real time

Every month, we have oodles of live calls and activities where we…

Choose goals for the month
Top o’ the Month call
Spend an hour with Jen discerning your spiritual intention and your goals that month.
Last Wednesday of the month – 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Get focused on the week’s most productive day
Check in with your day’s to-do list on our Facebook group (optional)
Every Tuesday – all day

Clear off your workspace
Office Spa Day
Get motivated to make a place to work – and then do it with the group
Wednesdays – 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern (alternates with WorkParty)

Work on important projects
Move important projects forward by working on them together
Get motivated to make a place to work
Wednesdays – 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern (alternates with Office Spa Day)

Keep your financial records updated
Financial Friday
Give your financial documents some extra TLC for 2 hours
First Friday – 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Get support with challenges
Open Q&A with Jen
Ask me anything, plus get ideas with the community with laughter and heart
Monthly – usually on a Friday – 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Talk with experts
Guest speakers
Lots of topics (from websites to wishing) and lots of time for Q&A
Day and time vary

Enjoy flexibility
WorkParty morning and night
Early Bird and Late Owl calls are available
So are recordings!
At least once a month

At least 20 hours of support every month for the things that matter to you!

I am a “cluttered creative” and I run a small business that’s expanding. And I was stuck. I needed some guidance. I needed some help.

I can’t thank you enough for what The Creative Haven has done for me. It not only provides me with the structure that, as a small business owner, I long for but struggle to create for myself. It also, through continued practice and the gentle reminders you offer, allows me to use the techniques outside of the group.

I can’t whine anymore that “I get nothing done” because that story can’t hold up when I see in front of me the long list of celebrations and accomplishments there on the page!

The group and your compassion have helped me to stop beating myself up for not being enough by providing real and practical (and gentle) exercises that remind me that, as you always say, I am perfect just the way I am. And company for the journey isn’t a bad thing either!

Deborah Globus, La Padre

The Creative Haven also includes written materials

In addition to all those live calls, you also get:

The Wish KitThe Wish Kit:
My #1 most important ebook for creating a plan for your workspace (value $40)

How to Organize AnythingHow to Organize Anything:
My #2 most important ebook for organizing your workspace and trouble-shooting systems issues (value $41)

The Declutter KitThe Declutter Kit:
The workbook that provides insight and tools for reducing your clutter at last. (Value $47)

New Year, Big DreamsNew Year, Big Dreams:
An ebook for planning your year with courage, clarity and creativity. (Value: $32)

For Haven's SakeFor Haven’s Sake:
A 4-month decluttering home-study filled with guidance, compassion, and inspiration to start what you’ve been dreading. (Value: $197)

Inspired OrganizingInspired Organizing:
Six weeks of new strategies for organizing your space — that are easy to maintain and nourishing to your soul. (Value: $179)

A library of resources:
A trove of recordings and worksheets to keep you inspired, your goals focused, your workspace clear, and your projects moving forward! (Value: $89)

Exclusive pricing:
Save 50% on my classes outside the Creative HavenCreative Haven members get every single ebook and home study I’ve written.

lynnI used to say “Don’t be me!” several times a day. It was always in response to a frantic search for a lost item… usually when I was already late to something… often when a loved one was watching my frantic search.

I’ve been in the Creative Haven for 7 months, taken 2 Declutter Retreats and a 6-week organizing workshop with Jen. Not only does she provide a functional structure for change, but also a community which is fully supportive.

I said that self-critical phrase again last week. I noticed that I hadn’t said it in so long I couldn’t remember.

It has been seven months. My husband and dearest friends are noticing, out loud, the differences in my space. The space transformation is the visible part, but my self-talk brain space has also become more functional as well.

If you are a creative soul with a zillion dreams and a million cluttery objects… If your mind is also disordered when you wish to approach the physical chaos… Sign up and dive in. The water is fine, and it’s full of those of us who understand.

Lynn Hershberger, ColorJoy by LynnH

You won’t believe what you’ll experience

  • Support. Bring all of you: your organizing struggles, your work projects, your relationship with time, your questions, your dreams. You will be met with compassion, encouragement, and smarts.
  • Fun with a purpose. The community is a breath of fresh air. You get your projects and workspace back on track — and actually enjoy it!
  • Amazing peers. I can’t say enough good things about the vibrant, insightful women who are a part of this group. I love their humor and wisdom.
  • Progress. Feel like you’re getting somewhere. The calls, community, and resources help you reserve time to work on important stuff — and generate the motivation to complete it.

I am in the Creative Haven program, and it is BEYOND AWESOME. :) Much productivity happens! Working with Jen has revolutionized my space & the way I work. @AmnaAhmad

Creative Haven members are…

  • Women (sorry, guys — we still love you) from all over North America and the world
  • Seekers: wise, sincere, humorous, knowledgeable
  • People who enjoy learning and appreciate help getting where they’re going
  • Visionaries with “shiny object” or “Squirrel!” syndrome

“The Creative Haven is like a sisterhood.”

~ A current member

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do the classes work?

A. The Creative Haven uses a US-based conference service that you call at the scheduled time to join the group. All the calls are facilitated by me and Peer Leaders (volunteers trained by me). Most of the calls start with a 20-30 minute focused activity, followed by a work period (off the phone) of one hour and 45 minutes, and conclude with a celebration time.

On all the calls, you’ll do things you’ve been meaning to get around to — and to feel good about your accomplishments.

Q. What if I can’t attend all the live calls?

A. We have several members who live in Europe or work during the day who can’t get to some (or any) calls. Because of this, I record the Top o’ the Month calls, Financial Friday, and Guest interviews for posterity. They’re usually posted for your use within a day. The Wednesday calls are not recorded, but I’ve made several MP3s with the same script that you can download and use at any time.

Q. How do I access the resources?

A. Once you become a member, you create a user name and password that gives you access to a private website. All the resources, recordings, and worksheets can be found there.

Q. What if I’m not on Facebook?

A. No worries! Our private Facebook group is an optional way to connect. If you’re curious about this online component of the community, feel free to try it. No pressure if you don’t.

Q. Will I fit in?

A. Creative Haven members are writers, landscape designers, coaches, artists, web designers, therapists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and more. Most are between age 30 and 65 — and there are a lot of old souls. If you like to learn, you’ll fit right in.

To sum it all up…

Here’s what the Creative Haven includes:

  Top o’ the Month call $40
  WorkParty call with Jen $60
  Peer-led calls (4-6 per month) $360
  Facebook community $50
  Wish Kit ebook $40
  How to Organize Anything ebook $41
  The Declutter Kit ebook $47
  New Year, Big Dreams ebook $32
  For Haven’s Sake home study $197
  Inspired Organizing home study $179
  MP3s and worksheets $300
  Exclusive pricing on classes $500
  Total value: $1846
  Actual price

Would you like to experience this sanctuary of support for vibrant, creative women?

Check your intuition.

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