Organizing eBooks and Inspiring Classes

Which description best describes you?

1. My clutter feels so overwhelming, the very idea of working on it makes me want to take a nap.

For Haven’s Sake: A gentle 4-month program helps you get uncluttered gently (naps optional).

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Front page of the Declutter Kit from Inspired Home Office

2. I have clutter that’s fairly recent and I just need an encouraging jump-start to deal with it.

The Declutter Kit: An ebook for creative people on how to let go and love the process

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3. I have a home office, but it feels neglected and I don’t love it.

The Wish Kit: An e-workook that uncovers the sacred in your work space.

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4. I have a stuck organizing problem and I can’t figure out what to do about it.

How to Organize Anything: An ebook for organizing your creative space and systems

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6. I need juicy, fun pep talk about why I should even bother getting organized.

Inspired Home Office – The Book


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5. I’m ready to get my home office in shape.

Inspired Organizing Home Study: A 6-week organizing program for your creative space

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7. I feel fuzzy about the direction I want to take this year.

New Year, Big Dreams: A creative guide for planning your year

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Classes and events

The Declutter Retreat

Get real results in your home office during my LIVE clutter clearing class — coming up this month!

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Soulfully Organized in a Year

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While it took me years to become the organized person I am today, I’m living proof that it’s possible and that YOU can get there much faster than I did.

I’d love to show you how a whole year of befriending your creative self can help you set up systems that sustain your life and creative work.

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