Organizing eBooks and Inspiring Classes

Which description best describes you?

1. I have clutter in my space and it feels so overwhelming because it’s been there for years and the very idea of working on it makes me want to take a nap.

For Haven’s Sake: A gentle 4-month program to help you get uncluttered

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Front page of the Declutter Kit from Inspired Home Office

2. I have clutter that’s fairly recent and I just need an encouraging jump-start to deal with it.

The Declutter Kit: An ebook for creative people on how to let go and love the process

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3. I have a home office, but it feels neglected and I don’t love it. (Sigh.)

The Wish Kit: An e-workook that uncovers the sacred in your work space.

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4. I have a specific organizing issue that feels really stuck and I can’t figure out what to do about it.

How to Organize Anything: An ebook for organizing your creative space and systems

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6. Before I start, I want an inspiring, big picture look at why organizing matters to my life.

Inspired Home Office – The Book


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5. I’ve sorted through most of my clutter, more or less, and feel ready to get my home office in shape.

Inspired Organizing Home Study: A 6-week organizing program for your creative space

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7. The new year is coming and I feel fuzzy about the direction I want to take this year.

New Year, Big Dreams: A creative guide for planning your year

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Classes and events

The Declutter Retreat {September 26 & 27}

Fall is a GREAT time to organize your space and clear away what’s not essential in preparation for the “back to school” energy of fall

Want to get your space clear for productivity in September? Join one of the next two LIVE teleclasses in August!

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