Organizing Cupcake: Storing large sheets of paper

January 27, 2011

Organizing Cupcakes won’t solve every organizing dilemma, but they’ll give you a little squirt of inspiration and insight, just like those cakey bombs of sugary goodness. Enjoy!

Large sheets of paper

I’ve worked with several clients over the years who adore paper and who use it in their craft – photography, architecture, design, etc. The problem is that the paper sizes don’t fit a standard 8″x11″ or legal size file cabinet. Even scrapbookers have developed special storage containers for their 12″x12″ sheets of paper.

What’s a paper-lover to do?

Flat files are a great solution. Here are some options to consider based on your budget, the paper-size you’re storing, and how much space you have.

Steel and wood flat file cabinets

At one point in my search, I even discovered someone who’d make a twin bed frame with two large sliding drawers underneath for paper storage.

Cardboard containers

I love these cardboard drawers that double as carrying cases.

And the simplest option (below) can be stored flat as well as upright.

If you wanted to do it yourself, you could recycle large cardboard boxes and design your own to custom-fit your paper.

This problem is so common, “large paper storage” is one of the most frequently Googled searches that lead people to my site. Sometimes, making a list of ideas you could try (a technique I describe in one of my ebooks) helps you come up with new solutions.

Other ideas?

What ways do YOU store large paper?

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  1. 1462 days ago,
    zack said:

    Hi there, I came across your website while looking for storage drawers that will fit under a bed and hold posters flat that measure 42″ x 28″. Any ideas besides those industrial flat files that weigh 200 pounds? And info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jen, Many people who have large sheets of paper need them to be stored archivally. Cardboard & even wood will transfer acid into papers stored in them.

    To Zack: There are several art supply online suppliers that have some stackable plastic “bins” that are large & flat. I am not sure how large they some, but try Dick Blick, Daniel Smith or Jerry’s Artarama. Good luck.

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