How do YOU get perspective?

March 1, 2010

The “What do YOU do?” series gives you a glimpse into my life as a messy, creative person and invites you to share your organizing insights and ideas.


If you peek into a day in the life of the average entrepreneur you’ll see email, social networking, appointments, bills, writing, more email, returning messages, home-life interruptions, and more.

Ever-present is the feeling that there’s not enough time to do it all – and the urge to get some space to sort it all out. Is any of this busy work helping?

Here’s what I do to get perspective

  • Quarterly 4-day retreats – Back in September, I acknowledged that if I didn’t change how I ran myself in my biz, my head would likely blow up. Making a commitment to quarterly retreats seemed huge and scary. Now that I’ve already been on 2 of them, I’m finding that I feel emotionally and spiritually replenished AND I have more clarity about where I’m going and what I’m doing in my work. Now I’m unapologetic about taking that much time “off”.
  • Monthly weekend retreats – This year I’m experimenting with a monthly overnight retreat in addition to the quarterly ones. My first one is at the end of January. Expect a good report.
  • Weekly check-ins – As I type this, I’m thinking that this “quarterly/monthly/weekly” thing might sound too structured to you. It’s arbitrary, but helps me bring a rhythm to the ritual of stepping out of the “daily” and looking at the big picture.

Anyway, I meet weekly by phone with one of the coolest bizbuds ever. Marissa and I check in on last week’s progress and then work for a few hours together on our separate projects. At the end of our call, we state aloud our goals for the coming week.

Having someone who really sees what’s happening in my biz, helps me set realistic goals, and who looks forward to my progress updates (and I hers) motivates me like nothing else.

  • The 2 column list – Also a weekly thing on Mondays, I stand up to write this list of “steps I will do this week or delegate to the divine” which gives me physical perspective (instead of sitting hunched at my desk) and a feeling of authority. It’s easy to read from my desk, so I can decide what to work on next that gets me closer to my goals.

Here’s what’s in the works

  • Long term destination – Inspired by a recent talk by Robert Fritz, I realized that I want a clearer definition of where I and my biz are headed in the next 5 years. Something visible and, better yet, tangible. I don’t know how or what it is yet (and that’s just fine), realizing and naming that I want it will help me create it.

What do you do that gives you perspective?

Your turn! If you’d like, please share what you’re doing that helps you get perspective in your business and/or life – and also something that you’re working on/experimenting with.

Your comments on your own process are welcome. Just remember to give advice to me or others only when it’s specifically requested. This makes exploring safe and learning possible for every reader.


  1. I heartily second the necessity of retreating. Perspective requires changing one’s vantage point. (Thrilled to read your commitment to retreating is turning out to be so fruitful.)

    And though I resist it, I’m really coming to see the value of some sort of daily meditation. Just 10-20 minutes of quiet (re)connection really does restore perspective (and calm me the heck down).

    Cheers to space for sorting it all out! -Cairene
    .-= Cairene´s last blog ..A Month of Sucker Punches =-.

  2. Yoga. I’ve made yoga class my #1 priority every day and have committed to walking out the door to class no matter how neck-deep I am in email or editing. The thoughts that get me out the door are, “I have NEVER regretted going to a class” and “this is a FREE class” since I’ve already paid the month membership. I have never experienced so much calm or breathing so deeply. I always come home with a renewed spirit and a shifted perspective. I am so much more gentle and kind to myself since I started this practice. This was a LONG time in coming.

    Travel is the other one. Anywhere. Just getting out of my own environment helps me see it so much clearer.
    .-= Regina´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day “Loved One” Mini Portrait Special =-.

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