About Jennifer


Clutter. Overwhelm. I’ve been there.

All my life, I kept trying to get organized – and failing. Repeatedly. Embarrassingly.

Lots of people think that because I’m an organizer, that I was born this way. That I’m some scary perfectionista. Let me assure you: I wasn’t and I’m not.

I’m like most creative, cluttered entrepreneurs – wacky, big-hearted, and mentally all over the place. Just ask my mom, who attends my classes periodically. Or Lea, my best friend from high school, who wrote all about the gory details on my blog.

Instead of conforming, I’ve slowly learned to celebrate my uniqueness.

I’ve come a long way from that terrified kid who didn’t want anyone to know my homework wasn’t done, again. I’m no longer the stressed out woman who couldn’t find anything or remember important commitments.

Do I still have my days? Sure. But it’s rare, it doesn’t last very long, and it doesn’t blow me down for weeks or months anymore.

My background

  • Successfully self-employed since 2006
  • SBDC small business advisor
  • Community college adjunct faculty (business)
  • University discernment counselor
  • Instructor for Red Cross and YMCA
  • Interior Redesign certification
  • BA in Secondary Education and French

Want to see the full bio? (LinkedIn) These diverse fields help me understand how you learn, how to create effective business systems, and about the role that spirit plays in one’s livelihood.

It’s not just organizing, it’s about crafting a life you love.

Recommended reading

My recommended reading list synthesizes all the profound, insightful people I’ve met (through books) along the way to getting organized.

Off the clock…



It’s taken a while to get the hang of being self-employed and having a life outside of my small business. When I’m not working, I do fun, nerdy stuff like looking up words in the dictionary, bird watching, reading, genealogy, and geocaching with Inspired Spouse. Pepper tolerates me teaching them new tricks as long as tuna’s involved. I dabble with creative things like watercolors, singing and guitar — and one of these days I’ll learn to play the banjo.

Inspired Spouse and I have been together since 2005 and were domestically partnerized in 2008 (Thanks, Oregon!). We live on a flower farm outside Salem and enjoy the quiet, country life. Yes, sometimes you can even hear tractors during my classes.

In the last few years, I’ve become a huge advocate for sacred solitude. I take personal retreats at least once every 3 months or so. Lots of people ask, so here are my two favorite places fill up my spirit and reconnect with the Divine: Breitenbush Hot Springs and Mount Angel Abbey. They couldn’t be more different or more nourishing. Yum!

Thanks for taking the time to read all about me. I love hearing from you, so feel free to drop me a line when the spirit moves you.

Want to read more? Please stop by my blog to get ideas and inspiration for your home office and creative spaces.


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