Despite your best efforts, the clutter keeps coming back to your home office.

Which is crazy, because you’ve cleaned it up before.

Your important stuff gets buried under piles. You lose track of appointments. Your projects sorta slide away unfinished.

Although you’ve tried new tools, new systems, and get-tough resolutions, nothing works. The chaos keeps coming back.

Why is it so impossible to keep things under control?

Everything you’ve learned about organizing up to this point in your life is missing one vital ingredient: you.

Your best organizing tools live inside of you.

You need a different approach that includes:

  • Your innate creativity
  • Your wise heart
  • Your natural intuition

These three tools will get your home office uncluttered and organized better than anything you can find in a store.

I learned the hard way.

an image of Jennifer Hofmann

Hi, I’m Jen.

I struggled with disorganization for 34 years.

No kidding. My home office was a mess. I was constantly losing things and wasting time trying to find them. Running late made me feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Not surprisingly, there were tearful outbursts.

Today, I run a successful business… and I love my life.

My desk stays 90% clear. I have fun, easy, intuitive systems. But best of all, I set goals and complete them. It’s amazing! People who “knew me when” marvel at how much I’ve changed.

The difference was I stopped trying to do it “right” and started listening to my intuition and using my creativity instead.

You can do it too.


Start creating soulful systems and spaciousness today.